Xcom:Enemy unknown



For my first review I will be doing the newest game in the XCOM franchise, Xcom: Enemy Unknown. If you’ve never played XCOM games the premise is this, Very detailed customization and control of a squad. You have to defend Earth from invading aliens. I got this game on sale for the black friday sale on Steam, it was cheap and new. At first I had trouble getting into it, the strategy game did flow well and the controls were great but missions could last on the upwards of an hour and it got repetitive. It is very hard at the beginning and you should start saving every other turn or you will loose all your men at the beginning.
But, After the droning beginning you start getting into action. Your heart is pumping hoping that all your hard work will pay off. You get awesome physic powers and fight heavy bosses. Eventually every enemy becomes more powerful than the previous boss. You end up sitting down to play and 10 hours later you’ve gotten a fully upgraded Heavy with physic powers. The graphics aren’t great but it isn’t expected perfect graphics from a strategy game. All in all i give this game a rating of 4/5.


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