Space Engineers… We have liftoff(review)

Space Engineers

From the developers Keen Software house come a game called Space Engineers. Space Engineers is a sandbox open world game in which you, a space engineer as the title implies, Explore the world and not only survive, but thrive with resources. Now this game is still in Early access of Steam so your mileage may vary when playing.
Now what captured my attention with this game is the deep complexity of the game. This isn’t the only thing as with a game as complex as this you need a strong supporting community with this game is far from lacking. I love the application of the realistic gravity and the ability to manipulate this gravity to you’re idea. Now this game is not totally realistic with a few false ideas of space. But in my mind the only things that the developers get wrong, simply add to the game’s total entertainment.
I’d like to dedicate a portion of this review to the multiplayer of this game. It is almost perfect, It will be exactly what you want in the game. As an Admin you are not all powerful in the sense of building, though you do have what you need to administer a server. One does not need to port Forward to play a private game but simply start it. There is no grief protection to make it as realistic as possible. Even playing with friends you always have a very real sense of nervousness. With newer updates there is even away to put a ‘virus’ on someones ship making it your job and number one priority to defend your base.
In conclusion, although still in early access, this game is a full fledged game that will give you hours upon hours of gameplay. I would give this game, In its current state an 85 for its graphics, multiplayer, and general gameplay

Remember if you play this game and want to play Multiplayer feel free to add me on steam and send a message.


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Rating: 85 of 100


Why I Don’t Play Free-2-Play Games

Free to play games are great for some. I know plenty of people who play games like dota 2 or league of legend. I’ve even tried a few free to play such as Dota 2, League of Legends, War Thunder, Team Fortress 2 and dozens of free to play apps from the iPhone app store. I enjoy some for hours, days, or even a month, but nothing ever sticks with me. For sometime I have been trying to figure out why this was. I’ve always known that the games being played always gave the person with the deepest pockets a tremendous advantage. This is typically the turn off for most people, but the majority of those people, and those with deep pockets always found their one free to play game that they enjoyed. So my irritation with free to play games must be deeper than that. So i decided on three main reasons on why I dislike the so many free to play games.  One, every feature added seems to be to allow the, typically greedy, developer get more money. Two, the games that are free to play lack core pieces of a game that i find to be important including good voice acting, nice high-res textures and a living breathing world that never feels like just 3d models on your screen. Finally, and I hate to generalize, the people that typically play the games aren’t very nice to those new to their community. There is no care for the players playing in which is truly their community. Which is not the developers fault sadly but, in reality, a lot of times the player in these complicated           free to play games that are out there.                                                                                  So in conclusion I’m not hating on free to play games nor the players. This is simply my experience and others may very. Feel free to tell me your ideas in the comments below.


Hello World…. Again

Hello Everyone, Dylan Here. I’m starting this blog to describe my experiences with various games and movies. I will give completely my opinion and will not let anything but experiences influence my review. I will use a simple 0-100 review system 100 being the best game ever. Stay Tuned for more.